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Steel Constructions

LīvMet has extensive experience and capability in production of structural steelworks for a diverse range of industries. Current operating capacity excess 100 tons of finished steel per month.


LīvMet has equipment suitable for machining of  big-size parts. Milling, turning, grinding, drilling, cutting and bending services are available. Single orders as well as serial orders are equally welcome. 

Repair Services

LīvMet provides repair work services of industrial equipment and specialized machinery. Restoration and adjustment of standard mechanisms as well as renovation and reconstruction of industrial metal constructions.



„LīvMet” Ltd - metal construction manufacturing and welding company based in Livani, Latvia. Established in 2011.

The company has successfully managed to establish itself on the market for the production of metal constructions within more than 9 years. Company is one of the largest metallurgical enterprises in Eastern Latvia with ability to produce up to 200 tons of metal constructions per month.


The strongest skills and biggest experience company has in production and installation of welded building constructions - beams, trusses, columns etc. Company produces both standard and custom metal structures of diverse complexity, shape and size.


Experienced specialists will produce high quality products in the shortest possible time. Company has the qualified personnel, equipment and technologies needed for high-quality and timely work.


The enterprise has a high production capacity: production plant is located in the territory of 1.72 hectares, total area of workshop premises is 6127 m2.



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1090-1 3834-2 certificate LivMet metal constructions
1090-2 certificate LivMet metal constructions
3834-2 certificate LivMet metal constructions
3834-2 certificate LivMet metal constructions





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"LīvMet" Ltd

Stirnu street 5, Livani, Livani district, LV-5316, Latvia

VAT No: LV41503054487

AS Citadele Banka, PARXLV22

Managing Director | IWE, IWI-C

Dr. Sergejs Locs

+371 26 138 710

Languages: LV, RUS, ENG


+371 27 050 285

Project & Sales Manager | Inquiries

Ms. Zane Kundziņa

+371 26 070 822

Languages: LV, RUS, ENG

Working Hours

Monday - Friday: 8:00 - 17:00

Saturday - Sunday: closed

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